[Mgs] MGB's are sign of expensive lifestyle!

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Mon Feb 17 15:56:55 MST 2014

  I suggest that Scott sent that with ironic intent, as the MGBs are unlikely
to be the expensive vehicles in the guy's garage.  An example of perceptions,
though---I managed condominium associations for many years. Once, only once,
after it was some 20 years old, I drove my '72 MGB-GT to one of them. Rather
quickly, it got back to me that a Lexus owner complained to the board of
directors that I must be paid too much. Well used MGB $4000. New Lexus
$40,000. Bob
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Be careful with inferences.  That is not to say the MGBs were
expensive, ony that the guy's lifestyle in general was "excessive",
including a couple of MGBs in the mix with several other vehicles.

At 09:01 AM 2/17/2014 -0600, Scott Bonacker wrote:
>"Kennedy's lifestyle had been expensive, court records showed. Among
>his possessions were a Hummer H2, two MGB sports cars, five
>Ford trucks ..."
>Snipped from page two of this article:

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