[Mgs] But is it still an MGB?

Barrie Robinson barrie at look.ca
Wed Dec 24 11:20:02 MST 2014

What worries me is that the specs indicate a bit of poor use of 
materials and components.  Thus a high price to compensate for their 
inability to keep the price down.  For instance they mention the use 
of Dynamat.   This is nothing more than the stuff used in the 
construction industry which is around $12 for 12 sqft while Dynamat 
is $80 !!!!!!     If their engineering skills for simple 
soundproofing is so poor what hope for other areas?

At 11:44 AM 12/24/2014 -0600, you wrote:
>But still, it is what I imagined when I bought a running '77 and dreamed of
>a reno/resto job.
>Scott Bonacker
>Rogersville, MO
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>  It does look line one, but as for "cheap & chipper" it is not within my
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