[Mgs] BGT Resurrected

daybell7 at aol.com daybell7 at aol.com
Fri Dec 19 16:54:26 MST 2014

My 68b GT is running decently after resting in the garage for the twelve years Ibve owned it.  


Actually Ibve taken it for short drives each year but never got it dependable enough to use 

regularly.  Right after I bought it I had new valves installed.  In the last week or so I adjusted the valves and ran compression tests using Edbs handy form.  


Readings hot and with three plugs are 160,155,140,165, with oil: 175,175,165,160.


Oil pressure is 25psi at idle and 48psi on the road.  I changed the oil filter when I first got the car and recently put Castrol 20-50 oil in the engine.  I intend to change the filter again and add Lucas oil additive to the motor, probably two quarts.  I see therebs a pressure valve to investigate, plus I was just using the gage in the dash and want to get a more reliable reading.


I donbt see the markers to adjust timing, but used Barneybs method to time the motor turning the distributor.  I put in the Petronix electronic ignition in the car.


The car has a 45DC Weber carb that I adjusted the best I could.  When I put a vacuum gage on the weber, the gage fluctuated wildly.  An increase in RPM steadied the needle somewhat, but still wasn't close to being steady.


My plan is to run it fairly hard & retest everything.


Anybody got any thoughts on this.  BTW, I had a nice time driving the 30 miles today.



Steve H

Gainesville, FL

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