[Mgs] MGA Carbs

Tom McCay - Classic-Car-World Ltd enquiries at classic-car-world.co.uk
Sat Dec 13 14:00:29 MST 2014

Hi, one for the collective knowledge if I can please?

Ibve just stripped the carbs on my MGA for cleaning and complete rebuild.
When I stripped the float bowl I found some different grommets between the
float bowl and the base of the carb. My previous bA b had rubber grommets
but these carbs have a nylon type grommet with what look to be a groove for an
o-ring on the inner face. Please see the following link:


Are these an after market fit or something made specifically by the previous
owner perhaps? If aftermarket any idea what size o-ring are used as these are
missing from the grommets.

Also in second image of the link is a pair of LANDAR induction trumpets Ibve
been given. These were fitted to an MGA many years ago by the individual who
gave me them and I curious to know anything about them. I believe LANDAR
produced race cars back in the 60bs but other than that I know very little.

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