[Mgs] Mgs Digest, Vol 87, Issue 9

Glenn Schnittke g.schnittke at comcast.net
Sat Aug 23 19:32:47 MDT 2014

Same thing happened to me on my way home from work last month. Pulling 
out of a light, the pedal went right down. Surprised the crap out of me 
and clutched my way to the apron of a Shell station across the street. 
Sat there cogitatin'how to deal with it for a bit.Broke in the same 
spot, right at the top of the linkage where it comes out of the sheath. 
Decided it wasn't worth toughing it out, so I called AAA for a tow, 
found out it would be a while, and decidedthat since Icouldn't driveit I 
couldn't be arrested for dui. Went into the Shell station for a six of 
Yeungling Lager and sat on the lawn next to it and waited for the tow. I 
was, after all, on my way home.


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> [Mgs] road side repair fun
> This morning, it was raining, but with 4 cars
> and 4 drivers and 4 places to be
> at the same time; I drove the MG.
> As I'm
> turning into the on ramp for the Freeway about a mile and a half from
> home,
> the accellerator pedal goes to the floor.
> I pulled to the side, and popped
> the hood. The throttle cable snapped at the
> linkage. I figure there is enough
> leeway to hook it back up, and the throttle
> might be a little high.

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