[Mgs] For Sale! 1969 Sprite Mk IV

dwoerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Sat Aug 23 18:50:27 MDT 2014

Howdy folks,

I've been asked to give all you gearheads a heads up that there is a 
1969 Sprite Mk IV for sale.  I am out of room or I would snatch this 
up!  Hopefully we can find it a good home and someone else can enjoy 
it.  Unfortunately, the list doesn't allow attachments or photos. If you 
want photos contact the seller.  It's a pretty LBC!.

Here's the info:

The following from John Seaman:

One of my friends here in Sheboygan has had a 69 Sprite for a few years, 
and has lost interest in fixing it up.  I am familiar with it, and it 
needs a new clutch, as the pressure plate springs are not strong enough 
to depress the clutch, so it will need an engine pull to take care of 
that.  We rebuilt the clutch master and slave cylinder, but to no 
avail.  If I had a place to store it and work on it, I would take it on, 
but now is not the right time for me.  Do you know anyone who would like 
to take on the project?  I think the price is fair.  See attached.  
There are not too many good square body Sprites around anymore.

 From the seller:

1969 Austin Healey Sprite MKIV

Body is pretty good shape, 1275 cc engine runs good, but needs 
clutch.90,000 miles, rebuilt master cylinder, new fuel tank.


Contact:     Keary Kautzer -- Sheboygan WI.kearykautzer at gmail.com 
<mailto:kearykautzer at gmail.com>(920) 208-0001

4 pictures were attached.

Someone is going to have fun with this car!

Dave W.
59 :{)
59 MGA
Burlington WI

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