[Mgs] That new 78 B got rear ended today....

Max Heim mvheim at sonic.net
Fri Jun 7 11:32:27 MDT 2013

Good luck. Any kind of accident involving an "unusual" vehicle tends to
turn into a long drawn-out process. My 1967 Plymouth Barracuda is still in
the shop, after being rear-ended last July. It might make it out for the 1st
anniversary, but it doesn't look likely at this point.

The auto insurance and repair process is designed to deal with generic,
replaceable cars. It's almost impossible to get full value compensation for
damage to a vintage-but-not-classic driver.

My MGB was hit twice (minor damage) and never repaired -- couldn't find a
shop that would accept it, other than for a total restoration (for which I
was not being compensated, obviously). The Barracuda was the same story, but
this time I bit the bullet for a major resto.


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Menlo Park, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

on 6/7/13 8:35 AM, Andrew Lundgren at lundgren at byu.net wrote:

> I wasn't able to get an agreed value insurance on a B for daily driver
> use.  Let a lone one being driven by a 17 year old. Collision coverage
> wasn't a lot more than liability, so I went for it.  At least I am just
> dealing with my company.
> I am hoping it works out well also.  The adjuster is coming on Tuesday...
> --
> Andrew
> On 06/07/2013 09:00 AM, mgbob at juno.com wrote:
>>     A sad day, indeed. That the lads are ok is the best part of it.
>>     Lets hope the insurance company is helpful. Some can be. Last autumn,
>> hurricane Sandy dropped a tree on a friend's old 911.  They "totaled" it, but
>> allowed him to buy the carcass back for less than they gave him. It went for
>> parts, netting him more than it was worth, and providing a good engine to a
>> 911 in need. If you have "declared value" cover, the company will pay costs
>> up to the value you specified, unlike the standard cover, in which they
>> depreciate arbitrarily, set a book value, pay off a fraction of that and
>> subtract a handling charge.
>>      Not much impact is needed to bind the MGB boot lid, but a lot is
>> required to significantly damage the structure. It may be that a good shop
>> can get it back into driving condition quickly. We all hope so.
>> Bob

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