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There is also a carburetor dip that I have used to clean carb bodies.  It
comes in a gallon can similar to a paint can.  The can includes a dip
bucket.  Drop the carb body in the bucket, let soak overnight.  The product
I use is called Chem-Dip carburetor parts cleaner.  It should be available
at your local FLAPS.  I believe I purchased mine at Auto Zone.  


John DiFede

New York 


(Awaiting hurricane Sandy)  





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Folks,I received a carb care package from John E today and want to get

cleaning them to prepare for rebuild. I was thinking of using brake cleaner

spray to get rid of grime. Is this ok or should I use Simple Green, WD 40 or

some other cleaner to wipe them down inside and out? Any suggestions?


Jim Schulte

President Lehigh Valley Kayak & Canoe Club

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