[Mgs] slipping cluch

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Fri Oct 26 02:13:53 MDT 2012

There is no pressure in the hydraulics when the clutch pedal is released. 
However if anything *were* causing there to be pressure, then the clutch 
could slip.  Like brakes, the flex hose could be delaminating internally and 
acting as a one-way valve, holding pressure after the pedal is released.  If 
you pump the clutch with the engine hot, then open the bleed valve and get a 
spurt of fluid, then that is the likely cause.  OTOH it could simply be a 
worn clutch, which is also accompanied by a high biting point.  Slipping is 
usually evident on hard acceleration in 4th gear first, becoming more 
noticeable on lesser acceleration and lower gears as it wears more.  In my 
experience oil on the clutch cause grabbing, not slipping.


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> ... Also after I drive the car for about 15 or 20
> minutes the cluch seems to be slipping. I was wondering if low fluid level
> could cause this. Maybe having lower preasure in the cluch line.

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