[Mgs] Good news / Bad news

dwoerpel at wi.net dwoerpel at wi.net
Thu Oct 25 22:26:53 MDT 2012

Looks very nice Larry.

Listers:  I have a Bugeye and an
MGA 1500 and my firing order is 1-3-4-2 and I believe the MGB is
also.  Your distributor orientation looks correct (vacuum advance in
the 10 o'clock position) but your plug leads don't look correct.  I
think the #1 wire should be in the 1 o'clock position on the distributor
then going counter-clockwise, the #3 wire, then #4, then #2.
correct me if I'm wrong.  Maybe your distributor drive is 180*
out??  Just something in the picture didn't look right and trying to
save you some trouble.

Anybody else??

Just butting

Dave W.

> Good news:
> Jasmine's motor is in place.
> Bad
news, the clutch doesn't seem to be connecting the transmission to the
> fly

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