[Mgs] Good news / Bad news

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Thu Oct 25 07:21:38 MDT 2012

Are you sure you don't have the friction plate the wrong way round?  The 
wrong way it is the projecting centre and damper springs that rest on the 
flywheel, not the friction material.  That also means the cover plate has to 
be bolted up quite a bit more that it should, which is normally about 1/4".

You certainly shouldn't have to pull the engine and bellhousing together 
with bolts, and unless you do all of them together or nearly so  you can 
damage things.  That said I don't know about a non-standard gearbox.

Air in the hydraulics won't prevent the rear wheels turning the engine - 
when it is in gear! - quite the opposite, you wouldn't be able to disengage 
the clutch when you push the pedal down.  You should be able to move the 
release arm sticking out of the bell housing back and fore, with a little 
pressure if there is no air in the hydraulics as it is then pushing excess 
fluid back into the master (watch it doesn't overflow).

It may be because the slave push-rod is too long for this gearbox, the 
piston has bottomed, which could explain why you had to pull the two halves 
together with bolts, also why the clutch is now disengaged.  If you can't 
push the pushrod any further back into the cylinder, and the release arm has 
no free play or movement, that could well be the case.


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> Bad news, the clutch doesn't seem to be connecting the transmission to the 
> fly
> wheel. 

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