[Mgs] Good news / Bad news

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Thu Oct 25 02:19:47 MDT 2012

Good news:

Jasmine's motor is in place.

Bad news, the clutch doesn't seem to be connecting the transmission to the fly
wheel. When it first went in, moving the car back and forth, in gear, would
move the engine. But there was about a 1/2" gap between the engine and the
transmission. I put bolts through the holes to cinch it down, and it closed
the gap with little problem. Not loud sproings like I busted something, or
anything like that.

Maybe, if I can bleed the clutch lines, I can jiggle the throwout bearing and
get things to pop into place.
Even if not, there are a lot of basic "fitting things into place" tasks I can
do. The headers are a bit long and tend to hang to low, with the motor in
place like this I can take everything down to holiday muffler and see if they
can modify the headers so that they work.

There are also some questions about radiator placement, if I want to move it,
ducting cool air to the carb and so forth, which I don't need the car running,
but need the motor in place for.

The transmission is a Ford 5-speed, if that matters.  I did find the pilot
bushing, or rather bushings.  The aluminum piece and the bronze piece that
goes inside of it and is an interference fit.

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