[Mgs] MGA 180 out Distributor Mystery

Glenn Schnittke g.schnittke at comcast.net
Sun Oct 21 15:22:48 MDT 2012

There are three ways to get the distributor 180d out; the drive gear, 
the wires and the dog. Others have mentioned getting the drive gear out 
and making sure the #1 piston is on the COMPRESSION stroke. The other 
way it can happen is if someone rebuilt the distributor and got the 
drive dog back on 180 out. It's easy to do, but doesn't sound like 
that's the case for you.

> Subject: [Mgs] MGA 180 out Distributor Mystery
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> I have an MGA 1600 with an MGB 1800 3 main engine and a DM2 distributor
> from the original 1600 engine.

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