[Mgs] Overdrive question

Councill, David dcouncill at msubillings.edu
Mon Oct 8 11:11:32 MDT 2012

Several years ago, the OD failed in my 72B. And in a big way - loss of reverse
as well as free wheeling in deceleration. So I removed it and put in a regular
transmission temporarily. The problem was that I had previously had the OD
transmission repaired locally a few years earlier (bad synchro 3rd gear, bad
OD solenoid) and likely had less than 5k miles on it when it died. So I
figured I needed to take it to a shop with experience in MG transmissions of
which there is likely none within 500 miles of where I live. Since my son
lives in Portland, Oregon (NW USA), I dropped it off at British Auto Works.

There it sat as a few years passed. I called them periodically to prod them
along and they indicated the problem was with the cone clutch which needed to
be relined or replaced. After my last call a few weeks ago, they indicated
they were at a dead end because they couldn't source the part. So I started
with a google search and quickly found that this part (aka Moss part 466-015
"clutch sliding member" N/A) could at least be purchased from Quantum
Mechanics. No big surprise there - the list has frequently mentioned Quantum
and John Esposito as the place for OD repairs. I called back British Auto
Works only to find out that they already knew this but have some reservations
on the quality of the replacement part and said they couldn't warranty the
transmission repair if they used this part. But they said they would contact
them. That was a few weeks ago but it was right before I took off for a couple
of weeks -a work conference followed by a backpacking trip into the
Yellowstone National Park backcountry. Now that I am back, I thought I would
inquire upon the list - are there other sources for this part? Or should I
just have British Auto Works get the part despite their reservations?

David Councill
64 B
67 BGT
72 B

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