[Mgs] mystery steering wheel

Carr&Edwards scvc70 at epix.net
Thu Oct 4 19:06:16 MDT 2012

Can the collective wisdom of the List help us solve a mystery?

I've acquired what at first glance seems to be a steering wheel just like the
one on our '71 B/GT -- same outside diameter, same stitched construction, 3
flat spokes with 5 graduated holes in each.  It's apparently meant for a shaft
the same diameter as the '71, as the nut with it spins on the protruding stub
of the shaft (I just wasn't in the mood to take the present wheel off to see
if the splines were also the same).

However -- it has a soft plastic center boss that looks exactly like the one
on the LE steering wheel shown in the Moss catalog (the emblem is missing from
this wheel--but the LE wheel apparently has only 3 holes in each spoke); and
when the boss is removed, there is no provision for the type of horn that's on
the '71 -- this wheel lacks the cast-in lump that is drilled for the horn rod.
The number "ALC 1" is cast into the '71 wheel hub recess at 6 o'clock; the new
wheel is "ALC 2."

Does anyone out there have a clue???

Sarah Carr
'71 B/GT in PA

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