[Mgs] Re.: MGB Engine and gearbox reinstallation

Norm twobees at sprynet.com
Thu Oct 4 14:02:23 MDT 2012

I recommend that you install the gearbox first.  Then lift the nose of the
trans as high as possible.  Tie it to a handy bolt with wire or short piece
of rope, and then install the engine.  
I did that many times with my MGB.  After installing the race engine and
having problems with the throwout bearing, I had the engine in & out 5 times
in one year.  I never had a problem aligning the input shaft and clutch disc
splines because I always used the spline tool when bolting up the pressure
plate.  Longest it ever took to slide engine back over input shaft was maybe
2 or 3 minutes.  Most often it was a matter of seconds.
I got to the point where I could remove & replace the engine myself in less
than 5 hours.  I did have an electric chain hoist however.  I did the same
R&R with my Spridget engine with a hydraulic hoist a number of times.
Equally as easy.
If you install as combo unit (engine & trans), I believe you have to lift
the car up to allow tailshaft to clear.  Why do that if all you have to do
is let the car sit on the ground?

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