[Mgs] Need splined hub quickly

Douglas McKinnie d.mckinnie at usa.net
Mon May 30 19:28:22 MDT 2011

Got the correct hub on Thursday (yeah Moss!) but still decided to leave
for my trip, via Staunton VA to stay overnight with friends.

Had a flat tire in Carlisle PA, at 5:45 Saturday. The hitch was that the
wheel was pretty wobbly. I had been running on the spare for a while, having
lost my wheel wrench. The spare wheel was the worst of the lot, and although
it was fine when I put it on to use it before, it was quite wobbly when it
came off, so that was on the list of things to attend to after the trip -- my
stash of spare wire wheels being in MA (end of trip) rather than TN (start of

Anyway, got the tire changed to the wobbly spare, but not until after losing
all the shot from my shot-loaded mallet. We then did a few wrong turns after
getting bad directions from passing locals about where there might be tire
shops, which were all closed anyway by the time I found them.

Ended up stopping at the diesel shop behind the Carlisle Flying-J truckstop.
They "made no promises" but were quite successful in putting the good tube
from the spare into the tire on the good wheel.

Next stop was a Tractor Supply to pick up what I hope was a correct size
tube, and then on to a hotel in Allentown so that we could go from I-78 to
I-84 via the Delaware Water Gap park in the daylight the next morning.

Anyway, the car with a good hub and without the wobbly wheel, and with new
telescopic shocks to replace the old telescopic rear shocks, is really night
and day from what it had been lately. This week I'll pull out the spare
that came when I purchased the car and see if any of them have splines good
enough to use as a spare.

'70 B-GT
1024 miles later, now in the Berkshires of MA

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