[Mgs] Need splined hub quickly

Charley & Peggy Robinson ccrobins at ktc.com
Fri May 27 16:32:25 MDT 2011

Early on, I sent my wife to the store for a axle U-joint for a '66 
Corvair Corsa w/turbo (if it sounds like overkill on the nomenclature, 
that's how it was in the car's  maintenance manual).  I told her to tell 
them everything in the nomenclature I'd provided.  She had me write it 
down.  She came back with a driveshaft U-joint for a 66 Corvette!    
When I went down there the guy claimed she'd asked for the Corvette 
part.  When I showed him the note I'd sent, he claimed he'd never seen 
it.  All this even though she'd written his name on the note as having 
had him read it!

I have a library of those incidents!

So don't be surprised that parts guys sometimes mess up and never admit 


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