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Dave dave at ranteer.com
Mon May 30 14:23:26 MDT 2011

just a word of advice - be very careful about clicking on url's (and opening 
attachments of any kind).  if you see an email with just a url, you know its 
phishing - just delete.

having received that email in and of itself is no cause for alarm

remember - you are most likely to receive those emails from people you know 
since they are the ones with your address.  just because its from someone 
you know does not mean its ok.

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From: Barney Gaylord
Sent: Monday, May 30, 2011 2:36 PM
To: Bert Palte ; mgs at autox.team.net
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The linked URL transferes to <drugstorexfitness dot net>
Threat name: Exploit Pharmacy Spam Site.
The page has been identified as a known exploit, phishing, or social
engineering web site.

Since access to this list is by subscription, it should be possible
to ban the "list member" who sent it.  Since membership is granted
automatically to anyone who appplies, this does not prevent them from
entering again under a different identity.  It's a tough situation to 

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