[Mgs] MGA sputtering engine and bad replacement parts

Charley & Peggy Robinson ccrobins at ktc.com
Sat Nov 28 18:51:38 MST 2009

A compressor motor-start capacitor failed in my residence's heat pump 
recently.  Two caps in one can actually.  Only one failed.  Quite a 
markup in those........  Grrrrr...


Charles Hill wrote:
> Used to work that way, but not recently.  I work in IT for a large 
> state agency with several thousand desktop PCs.  We have had problems 
> for the last few years with PCs starting to fail after 2 to 3 years in 
> service.  Brand doesn't seem to matter.  The first thing we do is pop 
> the cover and look at the capacitors.  More often than not there will 
> be 2 or 3 bulging or corroded capacitors.  Hopefully they have the 
> problem cured in the latest batch.  They have only been in service for 
> a year though.
> Regards,
> Charles Hill
> Charley & Peggy Robinson wrote:
>> That's called "burning in" these days.  I always look for burnt in 
>> boards.  As you say, makes a difference in longevity.
>>  CR

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