[Mgs] MGA sputtering engine and bad replacement parts

Charles Hill chillmog at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 27 21:36:29 MST 2009

All true, but in our environment, we don't bother.  By the time the 
problem appears, the PC is at or near replacement time.  Simply not cost 
effective to spend that much on an obsolete computer. 

All the "condensers" I've checked are the old coiled conductor/insulator 
type.  But they go bad too.  I remember the late Gerry Guogen mentioning 
in a tech session of buying a batch of NOS TC contact breaker plates 
with the soldered condensers.  Most were bad as the condensers had 
deteriorated just sitting in the warehouse. Of course, this was for 
decades, not just years.

Charles Hill

Simon Matthews wrote:
> Charles,
> The problem of electrolytic capacitors has been known for several
> years and doesn't seem to have been solved yet. There are people who
> offer capacitor replacement kits and capacitor replacement services.
> The kits are several times the price that the same set of caps can be
> purchased from Digi-key.
> The "condensers" in the ignition system are not electrolytic (I
> think), so  they don't have the same problems.
> Simon

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