[Mgs] The dreaded "Kent Collection"

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Sun Nov 15 15:05:29 MST 2009

Holy Moley, some of you need to chill out or put more fiber in your diets. Unwanted or unsolicited email is one of the downsides of the technology.   

You can stop some of it some of the time.  Still less intrusive than unwanted phone calls.

Between family, friends, business etc.  I get lots of unnecessary emails.  If I see an email from a sender I don't know or don't want, I delete unopened.  Try that.  all email programs have delete. cheers...mel  

Barney Gaylord <barneymg at mgaguru.com> wrote: 
> At 02:50 PM 11/14/2009 -0500, Alberto Escalante (Aeseeyou at aol.com) wrote:
> >Today I saw that I'd been sent the latest spam  from the Kent 
> >Collection. .... not something I'd be  interested
> >in.
> I set a spam filter rule the first time I saw it.  No big deal.  At 
> least it's an automotive related ad, not your general run of the mill 
> type spam on drugs or money grabs or phishing.
> >So I wrote the Kent Collection and said I wanted to be unabsubscribed,
> If you're nuts enough to read to the bottom of hte message, then 
> click on the "unsubscribe" link, it will connect you to their web 
> site.  Then if you scrounge around enough you can find the 
> unsubscribe link there, and it apparently works.
> >.... If they continue to send  me emails I'll take sterner measures 
> >to make them understand that they shouldn't  be sending out 
> >unsolicited emails, especially after I'd taken the time to make  my 
> >point quite clear.. Don't send me anymore email!
> That likely won't work, because it requires paid time for someone on 
> their end to "fix" it.  When they provide a valid unsubscribe link in 
> the e-mail message, that is probably the end of their legal 
> obligation.  I find it easier and quicker to set a filter rule to 
> toss the crap in the trash the first time it comes in.
> >I wish someone made  software you could buy that would allow you to 
> >literally bombard groups like the  "Kent Collection" with a little 
> >(or a lot!) of their own medicine in other  words..."Unsolicited email"
> >....
> They do.  It's the same software that allows the spam operators to 
> bombard you with unwanted messages. 
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