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Look for an aluminum wheel polish product, usually in a paste, lots of work
but it will look like chrome.


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Hello Friends,

Merry Christmas and all the other salutations of the season!

I write to you this Christmas Eve to talk about engine restoration.
Specifically, I want to ask about cleaning aluminum.  I have always used
cloth, steel wool or ScotchBrite lubricated with WD40 or lacquer thinner and
I like the results.  However, the finish does not look 'new'.  I'd like to
know a technique to get that really clean white-aluminum finish of freshly
cast aluminum.  I've tried media blasting but the shop I visited used steel
balls not glass, plastic or shells.  The result was a dull gray finish that
I didn't like.  I ended up painting the part with 'Cast Coat Aluminum'
engine paint - a sad, second-class solution, if attractive.

So today I ask; How does one get that 'new part' aluminum finish?

best regards,

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