[Mgs] engine reinstall

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Sun Dec 21 12:48:06 MST 2008

<<Just goes to show that Ed is brighter than I am.>>

Nah Rick, I musta STILL been at an age where I 'learned' QUICKLY<G>!!  You
musta been past it<VBG>!!!

<<I probably did a 50/50 split on which way I pulled them.  Got to where I
could put a B motor on the floor in under an hour.>>


<<Spitfires were faster,>>

Nah, BUT I have only done a couple and now I will NOT even entertain working
on one 'cause they are just too much of a PITA
(and can't 'turn' one as QUICK as most other LBCs) <G> !!!

'Course there IS a List Member (er,Owner<G>) who can beat either of us, I
would bet !!!!   <VBG>

<<Sprigets were slower.>>

Hour out (together) and about 1.5 going back in (da*ned top tranny


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