[Mgs] MGA 1600 binding front brakes

W. David Houser mgs4dave at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Dec 15 13:40:17 MST 2008

Good Folks,
Came in from a very short run and went to push the car into my garage.  
Thought I had the handbrake on as the car wouldn't budge. It has been  
sitting up on the lift for about a month.
Jacked up the front and the 2 wheels were locked!
Today attempted to back off the MC pushrod to make sure the piston  
clears the small hole in MC to allow the pressure to be relieved.
Still not sure I got it. What else to check? Using silicone fluid.  
Might be time to replace the front hoses although seems odd both  
wheels locked simultaneously?

Dave Houser

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