[Mgs] tranny Swaps

Chad Cooper mgb72 at airmail.net
Mon Dec 8 20:58:48 MST 2008

If I am not mistaken I don't think that will get you enough room.  It ends
up being easier to just pull the whole thing, rather than fight it.  It is
really hard to stab the main shaft into the clutch and get everything lined
up when dealing with all the weight of the tranny being in the wrong places.

Just my 2 pennies...

Coop'72 B

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hi, all.  great weather here in Dallas; took the 73 roadster out for one 
last spin.

the od tranny is really about to leave me stranded, so i'm going to swap it 
with a non-od unit.

if i remember correctly, after dismantling the drive shaft and tranny 
support, i should jack up the back, take the wheels of the front and drop it

low.  is that right? 

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