[Mgs] oil/temp guage

Paul Hunt paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Dec 8 08:14:40 MST 2008

If you knew the gauge (sic) *was* original then it might be worth spending the
extra to keep it so.  But if it comes back with shiny chrome and a new face
and needle it's probably going to look quite a bit different to the others,
and if not knowing whether it is original or not there doesn't seem much point
in paying extra.

Just my 2 penn'orth.

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  I hav a 1957 MGA ,1500. I need to replace the temp guage. I found that I can
get it rebuilt for about $25 mor than a new one. I have owned the car sence
!998. I do not know if the old guage is the cars original. Should I replace it
or rebuild it?

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