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I know I will  get a lot of flack for this one:

Yes, the MGA was considered a "chick"  car.  When I was in high school 
and college in the '60s, the only MGAs  I knew of were owned and driven 
by girls.  In perspective though, I had  a TR3B back then and ran around 
with other TR and Healey owners - plus one  guy with a Porsche 
Speedster.  The first guy I knew that had an MG had  an early MGB. 

Charles  Hill<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
That's interesting, because I've been a sports car enthusiast all my life  
and I never heard the term "chick car" until the 1990s.  Anyway, that's not  the 
point. The point is it's stupid to let a few Neanderthals dictate what car  
you're going to drive.  I can't believe some people pass up the opportunity  to 
own the best all-around sports car for the money because of the tag some  
yahoos place on it. 
For an interesting test of the 2008 MX5 Miata take a look at this  YouTube:
Bill Wilkman

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