[Mgs] Miata - Chick Car - best car

Marc smarc at smarc.net
Thu Dec 4 12:13:51 MST 2008

Don't a lot of folks put Mustang II front ends in their customs? Why is 
that? Only worthwhile part of the car? I had a girlfriend in the 80's 
who had a mustang II - she hated it.

I have an 03' MX-5. It's a fantastic car that evokes feelings of driving 
my MGB's, except that the miata doesn't need a tool kit in the boot. 
It's also more suitable as a daily driver, and has air bags. The 
handling abilities of the MX-5 far exceed my abilities to utilize them. 
It's not without it's idiosyncrasies, but then that's part of it's 
character I guess...

I don't buy the 'chick car' thing - it's a sharp looking car that gets a 
lot of looks driving down the street. And the guys (and gals) in the 
local miata club have an awful lot of passion for these little 
roadsters, which has made them receptive to checking out brit car shows.

J Foster wrote:
> Ah yes, the Mustang II ... A chick car no matter how hard they tried
> http://www.carlustblog.com/2007/09/ford-mustang-ii.html
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> From: Rick Lindsay
> Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 2:41 PM
> The MX5 or Miata is a great car.  It doesn't deserve the "chick car"
> moniker.  On the other hand, the Mustang II is a chick car and always will
> be one!



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