[Land-speed] Another Dumb Question from you know who...

Dave Dahlgren dahlgren536 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 14 11:37:00 MST 2011

You are an engineer you know the approximate mass of the parts involved or 
should by now you know thickness and approximate materials involved so 
strength is easily calced  you can easily do simple calcs for moment arms 
did you? The answer is there, but will offer one tip if you lock in one part 
solid it better be all of them and they better line up straight to 
.002...... It is an answer possibly not the one you wanted but the real one 
that a lot of people will blow past without the numbers with an off the cuff 
one. As usual it is all in the numbers as opposed to opinions.
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>I am in the process of fabricating an adapter plate to change from one
> block bell housing pattern to another. yeah, I could have bough tone but
> the price was $695 bucks so I am making it myself.  The question,
> however, is about mid engine support plates.  The metal plate I am using
> is wide enough touse as a mid motor plate, but what's the experience out
> there regards the efficacy of such a thing?  If I use a mid mounting
> plate, should I use the trans mount? I use a large AOD for a trans so
> there would be a lot of weight cantilevered back there if I don't.  And
> I don't use a  front mount plate either although that could be done.
> So, comments on the use of a mid plate?
> mayf

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