[Land-speed] Running an Automatic Trans without a Torque Converter

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Mon Dec 5 01:41:11 MST 2011

I have Ran a turbo 350 with a hole shot tourqconverter ..two world records ..saline soution.. so wtf direct drive ???????? 

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The other day, I ask about a direct drive coupler for a Ford AOD 
transmission. This doohickey simulates the torque converter an does it 
very simply. I bet a lot of you went "what the heck is that old fool 
rambling on about now?" as you read the request. Here is a link to a 
speedway motors product that shows what I am still searching for. It is 
for a Power Glide. Below the coupler is a picture of the crank drive 
flange also. These two pieces are what I am seeking and which fit a ford 
small block and AOD. This one has only one internal spline while the 
AOD would have 2. The end drives the trans fluid pump, the stator 
splines would not be used, but the turbine splines and the direct drive 
splines would. 


keep your eye open for me? For one that is used on a Ford AOD instead of 
a Power Glide 


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