[Land-speed] Running an Automatic Trans without a Torque Converter

Dave Dahlgren dahlgren536 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 5 00:48:18 MST 2011

I do not know much about automatic transmissions as real race cars do not
use them but do know enough to realize if not a popular choice un racing you
will find little in aftermarket parts that are discount priced. I am
thinking a powerglide a TH400 or torque flight and an AOD is a non player.
Good luck.
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> The other day, I ask  about a direct drive coupler for a Ford AOD
> transmission. This doohickey simulates the torque converter an does it
> very simply.  I bet a lot of you went "what the heck is that old fool
> rambling on about now?" as you read the request. Here is a link to a
> speedway motors product that shows what I am still searching for.  It is
> for a Power Glide.  Below the coupler is a picture of the crank drive
> flange also. These two pieces are what I am seeking and which fit a ford
> small block and AOD.  This one has only one internal spline while the
> AOD would have 2.  The end drives the trans fluid pump, the stator
> splines would not be used,  but the turbine splines and the direct drive
> splines would.
> http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Powerglide-Drive-Flange-Parts,5440.html
> keep your eye open for me? For one that is used on a Ford AOD instead of
> a Power Glide
> mayf

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