[Land-speed] Windscreens and fairings....

Larry Mayfield drmayf at mayfco.com
Fri Oct 29 14:54:18 MDT 2010

Since the season for salt is over, let me see if I can create some 
discussion regarding the Sunbeam.  As most of you know, I sit reasonably 
high up in the car.  This is because I purchased a set way back when and 
forgot to include the side bars on the roll cage. Hence It has to sit up 
some to clear some items.  I started fabricating a seat which lets me 
sit almost directly on the floor. When I had enough of it tacked 
together I put in in the car and donned all the garb and got in and out 
of the car. Of course the Roll cage had not been lowered so, yeah it was 
easy, lol.  But,  I only gained a drop in seat height of about 5 
inches.  I deemed this not enough to wrestle with the hassle of lowering 
teh roll cage.  So, I have been looking at  some kind of taller and 
better wind screen/fairing. When I look at eh rule on fairings for the 
roll cage they say that they cannot be wider than the roll cage at any 
point of the cage. Yet, when I look at the SW program I see lots of 
roadsters with roll cage fairing outside teh roll cage. Many of them are 
really tall leaving only a small portion of the roll cage protruding.  
Some even have the fairing extending behind the roll cage for some 
distance. I am guessing that these are "headrest fairings" but they 
don't seem to me to meet the spirit of wording of the rule.  A good 
example of what I am using for reference is shown in the program, page 
33 bottom of the page,m  vehicle 627.

So, a couple of questions....
1. Should I go ahead with lowering the seat to give me the least 
exposure to wind in my face
2. Should I then or in lieu of fab up a wind screen and fairing  to 
shield my face and the side of the cage? Same s that referenced above?

many thanks,

with the no longer wannabe Sunbeam

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