[Land-speed] Lenco Question

Larry Mayfield drmayf at mayfco.com
Tue Oct 26 22:25:02 MDT 2010

I was just looking at the Lenco tranny site. Their trans have clutch 
packs for each  gear. And a sprag in each gear sectio as well.  At least 
that is what it looks like to me. Seems to me that you would not want to 
modify the fluid too far from what they recommend. This is basically an 
automatic trans just run manually.  They also have several sprags sizes 
and perhaps the sprag that seems to be failing is insufficient to do the 
job?  Not sure how the fluid gets moved around inside but shuting the 
motor off at speed might be a sure way to kill the sparg(s) also.   
Especially if one is running a really tall rear gear.  Not sure what 
version of trans this is, CS1, CS2, Cs3 etc but they all function very 


On 10/26/2010 10:07 AM, ddahlgren wrote:
> What about micro polishing to reduce friction and that will reduce 
> heat or an oil tank and cooler basically dry sumping the transmission. 
> If you just overfill it you will no doubt foam the oil. Why not a 
> synthetic lubricant that will not break down with heat. This whole 
> thing smells of oil break down from heat and friction.
> Dave
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>> I think Lenco has been very helpful along the way and I've made it 
>> clear to
>> them that this Bonneville and the unit is in a big heavy truck. As for
>> lubrication, the recommended stuff is ATF. They recommend 3/4 qt for 
>> each
>> stage and 1/2 qt for the reverser. I can tell you that is not enough. 
>> For WF
>> this year, we put about 7 qts in which is about 3/4 full. A vent line 
>> was
>> added from the first stage into a catch can. Looked like it puked 
>> about a qt
>> during a pass. Also, this sprag is hurt, but not destroyed as in 
>> previous
>> years when we ran the recommended volume, so lubrication does seem to 
>> be the
>> problem/solution.
>> In my last conversation with Lenco, they suggested maybe using 30W
>> non-synthetic motor oil, but it seemed like that was pretty much a 
>> guess. An
>> old drag racer suggested using motorcycle primary oil.
>> Which ZDDP additive would you recommend?
>> Jim Webb
>> Chock Full o' Nuts
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