[Land-speed] Multiple Engines

Skip Higginbotham saltrat at pahrump.com
Tue Mar 23 14:42:46 MST 2010

Thank you and you are welcome!

I will try to get to the 45 degree number.....coupler is made and it 
has 20 teeth and 6 bolts so some combination of those should result 
in 42 degrees........or so. One bolt - one tooth...
or 60 degrees minus 18 degrees. Dang!!! My head hurts already.......

What can I do with my data logger to see how much the rear crank is twisting?


At 02:04 PM 3/23/2010, Dave Dahlgren wrote:
>Having never done done this but intuitively I would separate the 
>firing points 45 degrees EX if engine 1 were to fire at 0 BTDC I 
>would have engine 2 fire either 45 BTDC or 45 ATDC to fill in the 
>time between firing any other choice would have them add to a higher 
>torque level for the rear crankshaft. Obviously you need to add the 
>ignition advance and only used those numbers for easy math..
>BTW thanks for the racing related post!!!
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>>When connecting two engines together at the crankshafts, what is 
>>the best offset to use? My thought is that harmonics should be 
>>arranged such that the rear crankshaft gets as little abuse as possible. Ideas?

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