[Land-speed] NON LSR Political RANT

Tom Bryant saltracer at awwwsome.com
Tue Mar 23 08:04:37 MST 2010

Folks, there is enough to rant about. Taxes are a way of life and I don't
complain about that within reason. The original Tea Party was because of
taxes without representation. This country's way of life is because of
Capitalism". Government should create the environment that lets it flourish.
The desire to rise above status quo is man's nature unless it has been
quenched. It is kind of like domesticating a wild animal. If turned loose in
the wild it probably will not survive. Another possibility is that it will
turn on you for no apparent reason. A good reason not to keep wild animals..
We should not be fenced in...our rights from God not from government.
Hopefully those in power will open their eyes and consider the message being
voiced. We are actually more intelligent than our leaders think. To me,
Landracing proves it!

Tom (Freedom requires Responsibility)

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