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Sun Mar 7 20:45:24 MST 2010


I agree  with you on the driver input aspect, one of the more famous cases 
quotes the  female driver as driving for miles, applying the brakes, and 
never mentioning  considering turning off the engine or putting it in neutral. 
Between the media  defending the unprepared victim Vs the giant car 
companies, especially the  current most successful foreign company with the deepest 
pockets, your culture  point of view males a lot of sense. Considering the 
extremely ill timed  Toyota debacle, expect the congressional hearings to 
morph into an  inquisition, a big difference from domestic maker run of the 
mill hearings.  Jury cases are sympathetic with that previously mentioned 
little guy, too. If  you'd rather not buy a Toyota, buy GM stock, seriously. Ford 
alone is up 600%  from it's lows, 
Bob W



Bob & All,

Don't be too quick to place the blame  on causes in this case. I am always 
suspicious when congress is enjoying  grilling heads of corporations.  
investigated a number of stuck  throttles, brake failures, lemon cases, etc.
for  attorneys and  insurance companies that involving a number of different
manufacturers, I  would be reluctant to make decisions on what the causes 
in this Toyota  case since I have not investigated it myself. I do know that
driver error  has been a major cause in these kinds of cases. It still
puzzles me why  anyone should accelerate to a 100 mph plus when the ignition
switch turned  off or shifting to neutral is still a choice. I do know that
it takes a  couple of seconds to respond to an unexpected situation. I guess
people can  just freeze too. I don't have an answer on this  one!


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