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Sure glad I just time them
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> I think if you go to the rule book and use your reading skill you will
> appreciate the ludicrousness of your position. I personally will not be 
> lured
> into wasting any more time on it.
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> Rich! Ok, I got it! So every motor in this class is exactly as it rolled 
> out
> the door in an old ford car! It say PRODUCTION engine. Not block. ENGINE! 
> So
> it should have the exact cam, the exact lifters, the exact heads, and so 
> on to
> be a PRODUCTION ENGINE.  I can live with that.  So no more high 
> compression
> aluminum heads, no releiving of the blocks, no  reverse port technology, 
> and
> so on.  The rules do not say PRODUCTIOON BLOCK. It says PRODUCTION ENGINE. 
> Now
> can you read?
> mayf
> Rich Fox wrote:
>> For Jack and others who favor blanket amnesty for migrant flatheads I 
>> have
>> devised a short test. You only have to read one short sentence. But you 
>> do
>> have to read it. No skimming. Try to concentrate. I will type it in all
>> capitals to make it easy........XF CLASS CONSISTS OF ANY PRODUCTION
>> and
>> read it again if you think you need to. Now the test. If you saw or
>> understood....FRENCH ARMY TRUCKS...anywhere in that sentence you may have 
>> a
>> condition that should be studied.
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