[Land-speed] Ford Flathead

Kirkwood saltfever at comcast.net
Fri Aug 6 03:21:27 MDT 2010

Jack I'll agree that the current roll bar might be a rare handicap in some
open bodied classes. However, there are plenty of vintage sedan classes
where there is no effect. Currently, there is a 5 main bearing, aluminum
flathead being made. FIVE main bearings! How could you call that a fair

All the serious competitor's can buy their old spec. engines from the same
licensed builder! They will be allowed to provide their own carburetor jets.
Now that's very level and fair!

Records of old didn't have roll bars tire specs. fire extinguishers ect. Do
you really want to try to beat them with all the new rules. Think museums!
Or count head studs! Or give everybody a trophy with their timing slip!

Some people work hard to make some things fair for some people!

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