[Land-speed] Ford Flathead

Kirkwood saltfever at comcast.net
Fri Aug 6 03:00:26 MDT 2010

Mayf the rules are to replicate hot rod technology that was in general use
at the time.  Nitrous was a German secrete. It was definitely not used in
Hot Rods of that time. It wasn't even known until after the war. Vintage is
about car technology of its day not about submarines, airplanes, or

Lance Flatfire doesn't use a turbo in vintage class. It used a centrifugal
blower (I think a Vortec). Turbos are outlawed because they were not used
during the vintage era. Just about every other style of blower was used and
they are allowed.

I think there is confusion on ''reverse flow" vs. individual port. The
intake ports are used as exhaust ports because they are cast iron and will
not weaken or melt. That way you get 4 exhaust ports per side and not three.
The exhaust ports and then converted to intakes by manufacture a new passage
at each end of the block where the previous exhaust ports existed. Since
they are intakes the materials do not have to be cast-iron or steel and can
be lower temperature materials. All ports, exhaust and intake, exit the top
of the block just like the flathead Cadillac. That way you get 8 ports,
short and big, all with good breathing.

From: drmayf <drmayf at mayfco.com>

(edit . .  .) By the way is nitrous allowed in vintage racing? Heck, it was
used by the Germans in WWII so that line of reasoning would make it
allowable.  It just seems screwy  to me.

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