[Land-speed] Ford Flathead

Joe & Lynne Lance jolylance at earthlink.net
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What is the advantage of the reverse port configuration ?

Since the two inner exhaust ports on each side of the flat head are
siamesed, I would think using those exhaust ports as intakes would add
additional flow restriction if used for the intake side.

If I remember correctly, the FLATFIRE engine uses the reverse port
configuration but is turbocharged. Even then I don't see an advantage to
reversing the ports. Reduced back pressure when exhausting thru the original
intake ports ? ---what am I missing ?


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Well Mayf,
Instead of asking questions like "What exactly defines what vintage is?" you
might try to read the rulebook. Take a look at section 2.A.1.
And, for your education, the reverse port configuration for the flathead V8
was used before the war in oval track racing. History is an interesting

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