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Dan - Minor historical note, not very PC these days.  Back in New Jersey in 
the 1950's they were referred to as "Chinese" flatheads.  I guess they must 
have had old updraft carbs on the exhaust ports.  Marry a Model A intake 
flange to a flathead exhaust manifold, one carb on each side.  That would 
make a pretty crazy street rod project today. Who's going to be the first 
rat rodder to show up at the Salt with one of those?
I wonder how it would run with a normal rotation cam if you hooked the 
battery up backwards to make the whole thing turn over CCW , kept the 
ignition coil the right polarity and set the ignition about 15 degrees 
retard from the stock position.  Of course use a model A rear end so the 
ring gear can be flipped to the other side.
BTW, Dave McCain has an interesting story about his experience with the 
flathead exhaust through the hood of the pinto. (If he's willing to admit to 
Ed Weldon

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> And, for your education, the reverse port configuration for the flathead 
> V8
> was used before the war in oval track racing. History is an interesting
> thing.

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