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The old term Hot Rod meant souping up stuff either byB hard workB and or by
spending money!

B It didn't mean makingB more rules!B That's what promoters do!B The effort
spent making rules could be better spentB optimizing yourB combination!

An old rusty antique flathead is more expensive to build than a frenchie! The
fast ones have been camouflaged anyway!B 

WhenB aB B playing field is levelB the most money winsB I:E Nascar!

Remember the frog who gets boiled slowly!

The rule book is thick enough!

Let freedom reign!

Jack Costella

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Please help me understand how a stronger block makes an unlevel
playing field. Does that make a World Castings Chevy Merlin block unfair?

Since I have not studied the "French" issues, this may be a dumb
question........is there more to it?


At 12:10 PM 8/4/2010, desotoman @dslextreme.com wrote:
>"The french rule makes flathead "Lovers" spend more $. Bad! Jack"
>Sorry Jack, I disagree, it makes for a level playing field.
>Tom Gerardi
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