[Land-speed] My adventure

Rich Fox v4gmr at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 09:02:29 MDT 2010

One interisting thing Jim told me was that he could not understand the SCTA not accepting the French blocks in XF. I explained the repicla block ruling and pointed out there was no shortage of flathead blocks at his place. He told me that he had milled, brazzed, and ground several French blocks so that they would pass tech as original Ford blocks. But he did not want to say for whom. He also showed me how on the rods in my Chevy, before they started converting to inserts, they built the ID of the big end with brass brazzing. Then machined the bore a few thousands oversize then pour the babbit. The plan was to end up with a very thin layer of babbit so that it wouldn't pound out like normal poured babbit will.

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