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Just makes me drool while reading this. This kind of stuff is still out
there, but rarely seen. I really admire those that hang on to the stuff...I
have thrown away sooo much that I wish I had kept. The other extreme was
Barry. He never threw anything away and was always collecting things he
might need later. Sure do miss him.


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Recently I bought a '28 Chevy banger with a '25 Olds head. Old race motor
built just after the war by some high school kids who were midget racing. It
passed around and now I have it, but the guy who sold it to me knew the
original builders and they are still in Hayward. So here I am driving down a
semi paved alley with no name at the beginning of the Hayward hills. Looking
for some sheds, under a tree with a race car out side. I see some sheds,
randomly attached and a tip off is a stack 4 wide head high of flathead Ford
blocks against the side of one. I notice several V8-60 blocks laying in the
weeds and a T block on a stand. A victim of a crankshaft disaster and a
hill climb, I learned later. On the other side a small trailer has a
covered Midget with the hood off and a 110 Offy. One cam cover off. Inside
shed it's pretty dark and really crowded. B&M blown V8-60 on a stand going
together for a street roadster going to the Good Guys
  show in two weeks, And a late model flathead for something else. A crank
grinder and several lathes. Also a Bridgeport. One little Craftsman lathe
recent looking chips on it. Everything else you would need to move stuff to
get at. Jim goes into another room and grabs a hand full of '28 Chevy
pushrods, a bunch of stainless valves and a Fairbanks Mag for my Chevy and
gives them to me. Not bad. Then we go into another room with a 1913? Buick
engine all together and ready to go. Big banger. Lots of shiny brass. Also a
331 type Cad engine with the oem iron two bbl intake and carburetor but on
each corner is a Holley 94 mounted sideways. Sort of an IR, one venturi for
each port deal except for the stock two bbl. Progressive linkage. Starts off
on one and goes to Five. Bunch of V8-60 blocks being ported and relieved.
in all a pretty interesting day. Three guys nearing 80 still at it. Cool.
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