[Land-speed] World of Speed vs. August Speed Weeks

David Dymaxion david_dymaxion at yahoo.com
Sat May 3 12:50:18 MDT 2008

Both events are great fun. Here are some things I personally especially like about World of Speed ( http://www.saltflats.com ):

The 130 club lets you run an everyday street car between 130 and 140 mph -- you should give it a try, it is great fun. The only special gear you need is a helmet and securely mounted fire extinguisher, plus a roll bar if a convertible or T-tops.

I like how you can get close to the starting line at WoS for spectating. Since WoS only does 1 way runs this can be done safely.

I like that WoS has streamliners and fast sedans, but also some unusual vehicles. Last year had a demolition derby car, 2 electrathons, and an electric dragster. I also like that many older cars run, and things like the stock 40 hp VW bug class.

Things are pretty spread out, so I liked bringing my bicycle as a way to wander around.

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