[Land-speed] Diesel Fuel Additives

ed at vetteracing.com ed at vetteracing.com
Tue Jul 24 20:41:25 MDT 2007

Thanks for the information Brian.

>Ed, Re: "since the long-term effects of low-sulfur fuel are unknown"
>Not true. The European Common Union legislated it over 10 years ago.
>American engineers have known what is required, there have been SAE papers
>on the subject back in the '90's.
>What their management let's them do is another thing, unfortunitly.
>Fact: American diesel powered trucks have been operation in Europe for
>over 10 years without additives. (our military and specialized equipment).
>There are have been no problems. Don't add anything to diesel fuel, BUT ----
>water and dirt must be removed. Good, small water separator/filters are
>available at marine supply places.
>Two huge benefits, in my opinion, the crankcase is no longer a sulphuric 
>factory and you can build engines like the GM Opal 1.9 4 TDI that puts out
>214 HP and gives over 50MPG on the highway at 75 MPH.
>Oil changes at 6,000 to 10,000 miles are nice.
>I suggest you study the owners manual.
>For racing, it's not what you put in the oil, it's what you take out 
>that's important -- AIR.
>(Smokey Y.)
>ed at vetteracing.com wrote:
>> Glad to hear you got a handle on it, and by way, congrats on last meet's
>> record.
>> Soooooooo........ Here's a question pertaining to diesel tow vehicles. Diesel
>> internet groups rave about fuel additives such as Diesel Kleen and Stanadyne.
>> I have believed in additives, but this is my first diesel (Duramax) and as I
>> understand it, there is merit in these additives, especially since the
>> long-term effects of low-sulphur fuel are unknown as yet. Anybody care to
>> comment on whether this is snake-oil or a good thing?
>> Ed

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