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Bryan Savage b.a.savage at wildblue.net
Tue Jul 24 17:44:39 MDT 2007

Ed, Re: "since the long-term effects of low-sulfur fuel are unknown"

Not true. The European Common Union legislated it over 10 years ago.
American engineers have known what is required, there have been SAE papers
on the subject back in the '90's.
What their management let's them do is another thing, unfortunitly.

Fact: American diesel powered trucks have been operation in Europe for
over 10 years without additives. (our military and specialized equipment).
There are have been no problems. Don't add anything to diesel fuel, BUT ----
water and dirt must be removed. Good, small water separator/filters are
available at marine supply places.

Two huge benefits, in my opinion, the crankcase is no longer a sulphuric 
factory and you can build engines like the GM Opal 1.9 4 TDI that puts out
214 HP and gives over 50MPG on the highway at 75 MPH.
Oil changes at 6,000 to 10,000 miles are nice.

I suggest you study the owners manual.
For racing, it's not what you put in the oil, it's what you take out 
that's important -- AIR.
(Smokey Y.)


ed at vetteracing.com wrote:
> Glad to hear you got a handle on it, and by way, congrats on last meet's
> record.
> Soooooooo........ Here's a question pertaining to diesel tow vehicles. Diesel
> internet groups rave about fuel additives such as Diesel Kleen and Stanadyne.
> I have believed in additives, but this is my first diesel (Duramax) and as I
> understand it, there is merit in these additives, especially since the
> long-term effects of low-sulphur fuel are unknown as yet. Anybody care to
> comment on whether this is snake-oil or a good thing?
> Ed
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>> Are you ready? Is your trailer serviced? How about your truck?.
>> One week and 1 day after a sucessful El Mirage "shaked down" cruiseand new
> record, I have completed all the discrepencies found by theChief Inspector,
> Alan Fogliadini, and ready to put the roadster in thetrailer for Bonneville.
> Yes, even a pretty good inspector can miss afew things. I was a pleasure to
> have Fogy do it.
>> I would rather not run July for a test but this year it happenedthat way. All
> filters looked good oil, both gasolines, and the the fueltank has been emptied
> for ERC.
>> The driver will be arriving Sunday, yep you geuessed it no roomtill then, so
> I can have fun with Dan and Fogy for a few days. I hopemy competition doesn't
> push the record up too far. Looking forward intodrilling a lot of holes in the
> salt.
>> I hope you all get ready and we have a good safe meet.........JD
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