[Land-speed] Silence is Golden

Glen Barrett speedtimer at beyondbb.com
Tue Jul 24 08:05:13 MDT 2007

JD, I will arrive on Monday for timing set up and to give my approval to the 
White Goose Bar and social club.
At least the food places wont be crowded for a few day.
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> Are you ready? Is your trailer serviced? How about your truck?.
> One week and 1 day after a sucessful El Mirage "shaked down" cruise and 
> new record, I have completed all the discrepencies found by the Chief 
> Inspector, Alan Fogliadini, and ready to put the roadster in the trailer 
> for Bonneville. Yes, even a pretty good inspector can miss a few things. I 
> was a pleasure to have Fogy do it.
> I would rather not run July for a test but this year it happened that way. 
> All filters looked good oil, both gasolines, and the the fuel tank has 
> been emptied for ERC.
> The driver will be arriving Sunday, yep you geuessed it no room till then, 
> so I can have fun with Dan and Fogy for a few days. I hope my competition 
> doesn't push the record up too far. Looking forward into drilling a lot of 
> holes in the salt.
> I hope you all get ready and we have a good safe meet.........JD
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