[Land-speed] Petrol breakdown, not LSR

Bobbyhotrods at comcast.net Bobbyhotrods at comcast.net
Tue Jul 17 20:53:26 MDT 2007

I got to thinking that Dave might be right, he usually is, dammit, so I nosed around the web and found 47% of crude becomes gasoline, 23% becomes home heating oil/ diesel, 10% jet fuel, 4% propane, 18% other products like chemicals and plastics.
Nearly 60% of what we use is imported.
I couldn't find the ratio of fuels used by power plants. I'm clueless as to how much oil is used by them, maybe not alot compared to coal, gas, nukes and hydro.
Hard to fold in natural gas usage. I'm not sure there's a looming problem there anyway. BJ

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